Hello, I'm Soraya


Founder and CEO of Viajeras Nómadas Digitales. A digital nomad traveler who didn’t settle for a traditional life. She always wanted to travel the world and she didn’t want that to be a limiting factor to achieving her professional dreams.

Have you been paralyzed by fear?

Traveling and working around the world can seem like a very far away type of dream, but we are here to tell you that with discipline, commitment, and a lot of self-love you can completely change your reality, no matter what is your current situation or where you come from.

At Viajeras Nómadas Digitales, we help you create the life you desire without geographical barriers. 

 About Viajeras Nómadas Digitales:

Founded in 2019, Viajeras Nómadas Digitales is the first official community in Spanish for women who are professional digital nomads. Viajeras Nómadas Digitales has supported people like you in shaping their routes as professional digital nomads.

You are a world of possibilities

and we will make them come true!












You are meant to live in abundance, have big dreams, and make them come true.

  • Our founder worked remotely since 2017 and, ever since she started this journey, she knew there was no chance of going back. 
  •  After moving to the other side of the world, our CEO decided to reinvent herself. She did not want that the goals she had as a traveler would interfere with the goals that she had as a professional.
  • Remote work changed the life of our founder - and it can also change yours. Today we help more people reach their goals with no geographical barriers.
  • A thought we deeply believe is: "It’s about the life you deserve, not about the life you were just given" - remember that!
  • We help to make the digital nomad world more diverse. We help more women thrive with no geographical barriers.
  • Your professional goals matter and you do have full control over them.

More about 
Viajeras Nómadas Digitales:

  • We create opportunities. We are committed to helping more women to work from wherever they want.

  • We are obsessed to see more women making money, living a sustainable life with no geographical barriers, and leveraging the limitless possibilities offered by digital nomadism.

  • We are ready to help you reach your goals as a professional digital nomad in a sustainable way and aligned with your purpose. 🌏

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